LADY AT THE BAT: The Mis-Handling of Chien-Ming Wang

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Mis-Handling of Chien-Ming Wang

The Yankees have announced that Chien-Ming Wang will remain in the Yankees rotation and make another start, next week against the Washington Nationals. Opinions differ on this decision. Some want him in the rotation, some want him out of it. I want him in the rotation. Here's why:

* Wang missed the second half of last season because of that foot injury. The Yankees told him that when he worked out during the off-season, he should avoid working his legs so as not to aggravate the foot injury. [Source: Andrew Marchand, 1050 ESPN Radio]

* Assuming Marchand is right, Wang came into Spring Training this year with the Yankees knowing his legs were not in shape. Yet, correct me if I am wrong here, but they let him go through the Spring seemingly without any type of special conditioning program for his legs. They acted as if his legs were, in fact, in shape and that he was ready to start the season on time.

* Wang was put on the DL so he could finally prepare, properly, for the 2009 season. Yet, that preparation was cut short when Joba Chamberlain got hit in the knee by an Adam Jones line drive. Wang was driving to a rehab start when he was called back by the Yankees and told to sit in the bullpen in case the next Jobamania Show had to be cancelled. It wasn't cancelled, but Wang didn't get to finish his rehab.

* Knowing that Boston was looming on the horizon, the Yankees put Chien-Ming Wang back into the rotation against the Rays, after only a few relief appearances, still lacking that final rehab start.

Now Joe Girardi is saying things like, "...this is not a developmental league," as if Wang is solely to blame for this debacle. Some in the media are blaming Wang as well, including Ken Davidoff, who wants Wang out of the rotation now.

Wang has won more games for the Yankees in the last three years than any other pitcher. He was their ace until they decided to go shopping via free agency this past off-season. True, he's been a total disappointment so far this year. But this isn't all Wang's doing. The Yankees need to step up and take some responsibility for the mis-handling of Chien-Ming Wang.


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