LADY AT THE BAT: The Yankees: A Great Defensive Team?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Yankees: A Great Defensive Team?

On Monday night the Yankees set an MLB record for consecutive games played (18) without committing an error. Does this mean they are a great defensive team? Of course not. It does mean they are a pretty darn good one, though.

How did they set this record? Two things come to mind:

1) The starting pitching

2) Mark Teixeira

The starting pitching is self-explanatory. Mark Teixeira, however, deserves a closer look: Not since Tino Martinez has there been such a stellar defender at 1st base for the Yankees. Derek Jeter has only 2 errors this season, remarkable for a short stop. He has Mark Teixeira to thank for that. Also, I'd be willing to bet that Tex forces the other three infielders working with him to step up their games.

He has that effect on the pitchers as well, as evidenced by Mariano Rivera's game-ending play on Monday and, of course, Joba Chamberlain's 5th inning, belly-flop play.


[Photo: Duncan/AP]

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