LADY AT THE BAT: Is This The List of 103?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Is This The List of 103?

A list of 103 baseball players has started to appear on sites across the web, (including one I found yesterday) who, in addition to Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa, are alleged to have tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs during survey testing in 2003. I have no idea if this list is legitimate. For all I know, every name on it could be wrong and, for all I know, every name on it could be right. That being said, here is the list:

1.Nomar Garciaparra 2.Manny Ramirez 3.Johnny Damon 4.Trot Nixon 5.David Ortiz 6.Shea Hillenbrand 7.Derek Lowe 8.Pedro Martinez 9.Brian Roberts 10.Jay Gibbons 11.Melvin Mora 12.Jerry Hairston 13.Jason Giambi 14.Alfonso Soriano 15.Raul Mondesi 16. Aaron Boone 17.Andy Pettitte 18.Jose Contreras 19.Roger Clemens 20.Carlos Delgado 21.Vernon Wells 22.Frank Catalanotto 23.Kenny Rogers 24.Magglio Ordonez 25.Sandy Alomar 26.Bartolo Colon 27.Brent Abernathy 28.Jose Lima 29.Milton Bradley 30.Casey Blake 31.Danys Baez 32.Craig Monroe 33.Dmitri Young 34.Alex Sanchez 35.Eric Chavez 36.Miguel Tejada 37.Eric Byrnes 38.Jose Guillen 39.Keith Foulke 40.Ricardo Rincon 41.Bret Boone 42.Mike Cameron 43.Randy Winn 44.Ryan Franklin 45.Freddy Garcia 46.Rafael Soriano 47.Scott Spiezio 48.Troy Glaus 49.Francisco Rodriguez 50.Ben Weber 51.Alex Rodriguez 52.Juan Gonzalez 53.Rafael Palmeiro 54.Carl Everett 55.Javy Lopez 56.Gary Sheffield 57.Mike Hampton 58.Ivan Rodriguez 59.Derrek Lee 60.Bobby Abreu 61.Terry Adams 62.Fernando Tatis 63.Livan Hernandez 64.Hector Almonte 65.Tony Armas 66.Dan Smith 67.Roberto Alomar 68.Cliff Floyd 69.Roger Cedeno 70.Jeromy Burnitz 71.Moises Alou 72.Sammy Sosa 73.Corey Patterson 74.Carlos Zambrano 75.Mark Prior 76.Kerry Wood 77.Matt Clement 78.Antonio Alfonseca 79.Juan Cruz 80.Aramis Ramirez 81.Craig Wilson 82.Kris Benson 83.Richie Sexson 84.Geoff Jenkins 85.Valerio de los Santos 86.Benito Santiago 87.Rich Aurilia 88.Barry Bonds 89.Andres Galarraga 90.Jason Schmidt 91.Felix Rodriguez 92.Jason Christiansen 93.Matt Herges 94.Paul Lo Duca 95.Shawn Green 96.Oliver Perez 97.Adrian Beltre 98.Eric Gagne 99.Guillermo Mota 100.Luis Gonzalez 101.Todd Helton 102.Ryan Klesko 103.Gary Matthews

A few things about this list make me suspicious:

* The list appears to be in order by team. Red Sox players are listed first, then Yankee players. Why not put it alphabetically by team or alphabetically by player's last name? Putting the Red Sox and Yankee players first smells foul to me.

* Two of the 104 names have already been leaked. Those were, of course, Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa. It would stand to reason, therefore, that this list should contain only 102 names. There are 103 names on it.

* Most of the names on the list are names that already have been leaked to performance-enhancing drugs. It would seem to be a safe bet to compile a list with these particular names on them.

I wouldn't say that no one on this list used steroids, but I will say that this list probably is not legitimate. The mystery continues.


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