LADY AT THE BAT: Melky Has Earned His Money

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Melky Has Earned His Money

Back in January I was shocked to hear that the Yankees had avoided arbitration with Melky Cabrera and signed him to a $1.4 million deal for 2009. I wasn't the only one who felt that way.

Every Yankee fan remembers the atrocious 2008 season Melky had, and no one could understand the Yankees opening their pockets that much after paying him only $461,200 in 2008. Maybe the Yankees themselves didn't understand it. But, they paid him anyway.

It turns out they did the right thing. The Yankee I like to call Baby Clutch has been just that this season. He's hitting a solid .284 with 10 HR and a respectable .347 OBP. He leads the team in clutch hits and, aside from throwing to the wrong base occasionally, he makes the plays in centerfield.

Now Melky has become the first Yankee since 1995 to hit for the cycle. Who expected him to be the one to do that? I didn't. True, hitting for the cycle involves luck, but don't dismiss the skill either. Melky Cabrera has skills, and in using those skills, in my opinion, he is earning every penny of that $1.4 million.


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