LADY AT THE BAT: The MLBPA's Questionable Timing

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The MLBPA's Questionable Timing

So, now we know why David Ortiz took so long to respond to the news that he is on the list of 104.

The statement that the Players Association released yesterday all but dismissed the list of 104 as not being worth the paper it is printed on. According the MLBPA, only 96 of the names on the list are of players who actually tested positive and, of that 96, the number who tested positive for steroids might only have been 83. They don't know exactly what those 96 players took and cannot find out because the test results are legally sealed.

The MLBPA released this statement before Ortiz held his press conference, at which he essentially placed himself in that group of 96 players whose results are not available. How convenient, Papi.

My question is this: If this is all true, where in the world was the Major League Baseball Players Association when Alex Rodriguez was outed? Why did they not come to his defense the same way they did for David Ortiz? If they had, they could have spared a lot of people a lot of stress, including Ortiz himself, because no one would have questioned his name coming up on the list and he would not have gone through all of the stress he's been going through since July 30.

I am not saying that I believe David Ortiz. His stats over the years and his body type keep me from doing so. I just think the MLBPA dropped the ball on this one. Big time.


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Anonymous said...

If you don't believe the MLBPA's deefense, that's fine; I'm a Red Sox fan and I'm not sure I believe it either. But how about the zero positive tests from '04 on? I think A-Rod used a similar defense, if I remember correctly.