LADY AT THE BAT: Why The Yankees Haven't Gotten Another Starter Yet

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why The Yankees Haven't Gotten Another Starter Yet

Yankee fifth starter Sergio Mitre threw a clunker just hours after the trade deadline came and went without Brian Cashman acquiring another starter. Fans are just beside themselves, asking how this could possibly happen. How could Jarrod Washburn end up in Detroit? How could the Yankees not get Bronson Arroyo? Why not Doug Davis? What about Roy Halladay????

Well, the Yankees could have had Washburn if they were willing to give up Austin Jackson and perhaps another prospect. Is Washburn really worth giving up Austin Jackson for? I don't think so, and neither does Cashman, evidently. Roy Halladay probably would have taken both Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain. Do I have to explain how ridiculous that would be? As for Bronson Arroyo and/or Doug Davis, they're easier to pick up on waivers in the next few weeks.

Cashman is counting on the current economy to make it easier for pitchers to get through waivers without being claimed before the Yankees can put in their own claim. In a better economy a team would be more likely to claim a player just to keep the Yankees from doing so. These days, a lot of teams aren't able or willing to take on salary for that reason alone.

So, sit tight, Yankees Universe. Your fifth starter is coming.


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