LADY AT THE BAT: A Celebration At MLB's National Park

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Celebration At MLB's National Park

The first episode of The National Parks: America's Best Idea, the new Ken Burns film, aired tonight on PBS. As I watched it I thought about Yankee Stadium, where the Yankees clinched the AL East today for the 16th time in franchise history.

Our national parks are full of beauty and wonder: Majestic waterfalls, awesome geysers, trees that leave you speechless, mountains that take your breath away, and much, much more. I watched all of this splendor tonight and thought to myself: Yankee Stadium is Major League Baseball's National Park.

A 56-game hitting streak, a World Series perfect game, 26 championships and many more pennants, along with the best who have ever played the game in Ruth, DiMaggio, Rivera and Jeter (to name a few). Moments at The Stadium have been more than special, so much so that they have come to be thought of as having been produced by two ghosts: Aura and Mystique.
Aura and Mystique know that the game's National Park has a new address, because they were at work again today. This was a division-clinching as only they could have designed it: The first (and probably only) team to 100 wins, home-field advantage, a 9-9 record against the Red Sox and, of course, the clincher itself. All on the same day. If that's not Aura and Mystique at work, I don't know what is.

Champagne geysers shot up to the ceiling in the Yankee clubhouse this afternoon, as they've done so many times in the past. Yep, Old Faithful erupted once again.


[Photo: Antonelli/Daily News]


She-Fan said...

I loved every second of the celebration, and the new stadium is full of aura and mystique already. Magic too. Great post, Bernadette, and congrats to our boys!!!!!

lauren lane said...

I think the National Forests and all of Nature should be preserved, especially in areas where the building has gone out of control. We need some trees and "green" stuff around...or we will go totally mad.