LADY AT THE BAT: Did Posada Have AJ On The Brain Last Night?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Did Posada Have AJ On The Brain Last Night?

After hearing that Jorge Posada lost track of the count in two of his at-bats last night, I can't help thinking that it was because he had his mind on AJ Burnett's lousy performance.

There was Burnett stinking up Camden Yards and shouting at himself in the process, no doubt causing some who were watching to believe he was shouting at Posada. That in itself probably did not bother Posada as much as the overall fact that Burnett was having another bad outing while he was behind the plate. I'm sure it was on his mind the entire game, including during every one of his at-bats.

Laughter spread through the Yankee dugout (and, I'm sure, throughout Yankees Universe) during Posada's gaffes. But, how many people will be laughing if the reason for those gaffes continues to be an issue in the playoffs? AJ Burnett had better get his act together real soon, or the Yankees could be looking at yet another early playoff exit.


[Photo: Daily News]

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