LADY AT THE BAT: Peter Abraham Gets A New Job

Friday, September 18, 2009

Peter Abraham Gets A New Job

The LoHud Yankees Blog, written by Peter Abraham, (the Yankee beat writer for the Journal News) has to be the most popular Yankee blog in cyberspace. It is THE source die-hard Yankee fans turn to for breaking Yankee news. I have lost count of how many times I have linked to his blog and how many times I have quoted him in posts to LATB.

Yesterday Pete announced that he is leaving the Journal News and moving on to bigger and better things. He has accepted a job with the Boston Globe, covering the Red Sox. As a Yankee fan I don't like this at all; he is moving to the enemy's side. However, as an aspiring writer, I understand it completely. Pete has gone from covering college basketball for a tiny paper, to covering the Yankees for a small paper (well, maybe not so small, but not big, either), to, now, covering the Red Sox for a major daily newspaper. Congratulations to him.

Early in the 2008 season, Pete was kind enough to appear on an internet radio show I was co-hosting. Others have benefited from his kindness as well. He has always been more than willing to exchange links with other Yankee bloggers. He tries his best to respond to messages and really has developed a relationship with his readers, resulting in a wonderful online community.

Pete will be on staff at the Journal News for two more weeks. If you have never checked out his blog, I suggest you do so. Now.



Felix in NJ said...

As much as I hated his commentary at times his Yankees blog was very engaging and a MUST read for any true Yankee fan.
So typical of Pete he is going to the enemy... his blog posts were frustrating & cruel to fans at times but he will be sorely missed.
Have another fried Bologna sandwich on me Pete!!

Bernadette Pasley said...

He could be a little mean when it came to joking about players (Berroa, Edwar) but, other than that, I had no problem with him. You're right, he'll be sorely missed.