LADY AT THE BAT: Teammates Delighted As Jeter Breaks Record

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Teammates Delighted As Jeter Breaks Record

Derek Jeter's in-game press conference turned out to be a good idea. The Yankees lost the game so no one had to be subjected to "Bottom line, I just wanna win." (See my previous post.)

The Yankees lost the game but Jeter won and, for the second game in a row it was a pleasure to listen to him talk about what breaking Lou Gehrig's record means to him. It was even more of a pleasure, in my opinion, to hear what his teammates had to say about him.

After a spontaneous walk out to first base to congratulate their teammate, three of them sat down at a table in front of the media and shared their thoughts about Derek Jeter, whom they've known since he was a skinny kid in low A ball. The most interesting thing about this meeting? Who the three teammates were.

Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera were together way back in the minor leagues and were the core of those championship teams of the late '90s. But Mariano Rivera (for legitimate reasons, I'm sure) was not a part of this group. Instead, Alex Rodriguez was there. Not that Alex should not have been there. Though he wasn't a teammate until 2004, he's known Jeter just as long as Posada, Pettitte and Rivera have. However, his history with Jeter made for an interesting dynamic last night. All the water under the bridge rushed through my mind as I listened to Alex say wonderful things about Derek, including this: that he knew in 1992 when he first met him that Jeter was going to be special.

Alex hasn't said anything during the 2009 regular season that could be construed as putting his foot in his mouth. I believe that still is true after last night, which makes those Esquire comments from years ago seem all the more outrageous. He may finally be learning how this thing with the media works.

Petitte and Posada already know how "this thing" works. The fact that they, too, were sincere, doesn't even need to be mentioned. It was obvious, especially in Posada's case. The emotion in his voice at the end of the session is unmistakable.

Congratulations, Derek. And Alex and Andy and Jorge.


[Photo: Keivom/Daily News]


Anonymous said...

Let the Esquire story go!

First, A-Rod said what he did then in response to Jeter's agent making comments to a NY writer about A-Rod. Casey Close when negotiating Jeter's contract said: Jeter is a great player and he makes those around him better. A-Rod has great numbers and he doesn't know if he makes those around him better.

Some may say harsh, some may also say true.

Second, what A-Rod in the article about Jeter is he is a 2 hitter and pitchers don't fear him the way they do Bernie, Tino or O'Neill.

Some may say harsh, some may also say true.

I've heard 13 year old girls say much worse to each other at 9 am and be best friends again by noon.

Yankee fans spent years defending Jeter against A-Rod. Now they are both Yankees and it's time people had both their backs instead of continuing the stupidity.

Bernadette Pasley said...
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Bernadette Pasley said...

I'm sorry you missed the point of this post. It is not about the Esquire story and/or "defending Jeter against A-Rod." It was written as a compliment to A-Rod in regards to how his relationship with Jeter has improved and how he has learned to deal with the media.

One of the writers at the press conference asked him to compare hitting his 500th HR to what Jeter had just accomplished. In the past, Alex might have answered that question directly, talking about himself and taking the spotlight away from Jeter. Instead, even after the writer followed up, he kept the focus on Jeter, praising him, pretty much ignoring the question.

IMO, the only one who is "continuing the stupidity" is you.

"Some may say harsh but some may also say true."

Bernadette Pasley said...
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