LADY AT THE BAT: Thank You, Jorge Posada

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thank You, Jorge Posada

My heartfelt thanks go out to Jorge Posada this morning. Without his game-winning home run last night, the Yankees might have lost, and, had they lost, all we would have heard from Derek Jeter regarding catching Lou Gehrig was the following:

"Bottom line, I just wanna win."

Yes, I'm exaggerating, but surely we would not have heard much more than that. Everyone knows that Derek Jeter, rightfully so, is all about the team, all about winning. Jorge Posada made it possible for us to hear Jeter speak, not from his heart, but something close to it. "Georgie juiced one" and the Captain showed his hand.

Now he has a chance to break the record tomorrow night. On September 11th. What will he say if he breaks the record on September 11th? What will he do? Not much I'm guessing. Out of respect for the historical significance of the day he won't say very much, which is the right thing to do. That's why I hope he doesn't do it tomorrow night. It was refreshing to see him open the door, however little it was, to give us a small glimpse of himself. I'm hoping he goes 0-2 with two walks, then becomes the all time Yankee hits leader on Saturday September 12th.

Congratulations Derek Jeter and good luck this weekend.


[Photo: Sabo/Daily News]

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constant gina said...

I think Jeter is worthy of a top ten spot on everyones list..