LADY AT THE BAT: Angel Stadium: Where No Yankee Lead Is Safe

Friday, October 23, 2009

Angel Stadium: Where No Yankee Lead Is Safe

Last night the Yankees played their last game at Angel Stadium for the year 2009.  The West Coast Chamber of Horrors has been closed down until next season (as far as the Yankees are concernesd. It remains to be seen whether the Phillies will set foot inside.).

With the exceptions of that last regular season series and giant trump card CC Sabathia, the Yankees never seem to get ahead against the Angels in Anaheim.  Just about every single time they get a lead at Angel Stadium, be it early in a game or late, they lose it.  Last night was a microcosm of life for the Yankees in La La Land.

Luckily, for the Yankees and their fans, the next game (and the one after it, if necessary) will be at Yankee Stadium. I'm pretty confident that they will take one of the next two games, but if they want to have a decent chance in the World Series, they need to win the Satruday game, Game 6. Otherwise, CC will need to pitch Game 7, which means he will not be available for Game 1 of the Fall Classic.

Go Yankees!!!!!!!!!

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