LADY AT THE BAT: A-Rod Gets 2 Hits: Will He Get More?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A-Rod Gets 2 Hits: Will He Get More?

Going into last night's game against the Twins, Alex Rodriguez could not get a hit with runners in scoring position if his life depended on it. After his second at-bat you could hear the boo birds coming to life, but he silenced them the third time he came to the plate, hitting a single to left-centerfield, scoring Derek Jeter. He later got a second RBI-single, once again plating The Captain.

The New York Daily News sums it up perfectly on their back page today:

Will he get many more hits? For his sake, I hope that he does. I have a nagging feeling, however, that he won't. I keep thinking about who he got the hits off of: Duensing and Rauch. There's also the state of the team he played against: A group of guys who hit a wall after the third inning (according to Mike Francessa).
One more thing: When he struck out in his second at-bat it was obvious that he was putting pressure on himself. If, after all that he's gone through this season, he can still have an at-bat like that one, it doesn't bode well for him, in my opinion.
So, will he get many more hits? I hope so, but I'm not betting on it.

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