LADY AT THE BAT: Chien-Ming Wang Now A Free Agent

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chien-Ming Wang Now A Free Agent

Early in the 2009 season I wrote about the mis-handling of Chien-Ming Wang. That mis-handling has led to him being non-tendered by the Yankees.

It is hard not to feel sorry for Wang, who was just doing what he was told to do by the organization. Now, the only way he can don the pinstripes again is if he accepts an incentive-laden deal. As much as I like him and want to see his familiar face on the mound, I wouldn't blame him if he just went elsewhere. (I hear the Dodgers are very interested.)  Better that than taking another chance and "doing what he's told."

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Rhia said...

He'll surely be missed. Goodbye and good luck to you Wang. By the way, Premio Foods is giving away exclusive gifts whenever your favorite team wins. See for yourself. Enjoy!