LADY AT THE BAT: Don't Be Suprised If More Players Make The Desme Decision

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Don't Be Suprised If More Players Make The Desme Decision

Grant Desme crossed my mind while I was at church this morning. That shouldn't suprise anyone. Desme is the highly touted A's prospect who retired recently to pursue the priesthood. Apparently, he's not alone in at least thinking about making such a decision. Other athletes have contemplated making the same move or a similar one.

They have contemplated it and, I believe they will contemplate it. You'll see more promising young athletes struggling with this issue in the very near future.

We live in a world full of crises right now. Wars,  recession and natural disasters fill up the pages of the newspapers and the air time on news programs. More people turn to religion in times like this, and it's only natural that star atheletes do so as well.  I'd never heard of Grant Desme before he retired, but my guess is that these times in which we are living had a lot to do with his decision.  Perhaps he couldn't see himself enjoying all the perks of stardom while so many people in the world are in trouble, so he decided to forgoe the chance to insulate himself from it and to become part of the solution to it.

So fans, be ready. Don't be suprised if the prospect you've been waiting for so anxiously makes "The Desme Decision." 

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