LADY AT THE BAT: McGwire: How His Past Will Change The Future

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

McGwire: How His Past Will Change The Future

Now that Mark McGwire finally has talked about The Past, the future will bring a change in how votes are cast in baseball's Hall Of Fame. I can almost guarantee it.

With his presence on the HOF ballot, Mark McGwire is the straw that has broken the proverbial camel's back. Baseball writers cannot possibly ignore this elephant in their room any longer. How foolish will they look if they each continue to vote using their individual critiera as to who should and shouldn't get in?  Look for them to sit down soon and come up with a set of rules and regulations which make it clear who from the steriod era gets in and who doesn't get in. You will also see an end to this tired debate about asterisks and the question of just how the steoid era should be dealt with exhibit-wise in the Hall.

I'm looking forward to it. Are you?


Anonymous said...

exactly how are they going to come up with a criteria?

Its impossible.

This is up to HOF to decide

Christina said...

I hope McGwire gets zero votes on the next ballot. I know it won't happen but I think that's what he deserves. Bad enough he used steroids for basically a DECADE and grinned in the faces of the Maris family while he broke the record. But now he's not even a big enough person to even tell the full truth. He knows steroids helped his performance but he sat there crying and lying. In my opinion he doesn't deserve to go to the Hall of Fame.

As for the rules and regulations for who gets in and who doesn't, I'd certainly be curious as to what they come up with. And I'm all for asterisks. Tell it like it is