LADY AT THE BAT: The Johnny Damon Saga: One Big Bore

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Johnny Damon Saga: One Big Bore

I have refrained from posting anything about the Johnny Damon saga until now, partly because of my personal problems, but mainly because I just was not interested. The whole thing was one big bore to me.

Johnny Damon letting Scott Boras lead him around like a pathetic puppy: boring.

Johnny Damon asking the Yankees for too much money: boring.

Johnny Damon negotiating with the Braves and the White sox: boring

Johnny Damon saying he wants to come back to the Yankees eventually: boring.

Johnny Damon saying he always wanted to be a Tiger: Boring!

The only thing that was not boring in this whole soap opera was the fact that Scott Boras screwed up. I don't know if Boras is losing his touch or not, but I found his whole handling of the Damon affair a thoroughly enjoyable comedy of errors. Very entertaining. Thanks, Scott!

The Yankees will not see Johnny Damon until August.  In November he'll probably say he always wanted to play for the Nationals. Boring.

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