LADY AT THE BAT: RIP Judge Sylvia Pressler

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RIP Judge Sylvia Pressler

Judge Syliva Pressler passed away on Monday.

Who was Judge Sylvia Pressler?  The woman who made it possible for girls to play Little League baseball. Here's an exerpt from her obituary, which ran in today's New York Times:

"...but she was best known for her decision in the Little League case, which she made before she was elevated to the bench. This was in 1973, when discrimination cases in New Jersey were heard by the Division of Civil Rights before government-appointed examiners, of which Sylvia Pressler, then a lawyer, was one.

The previous year, a 12-year-old girl, Maria Pepe, had played three games for a Hoboken Little League team before national Little League officials learned of her participation and threatened to revoke the local league’s charter if she continued to play. The National Organization for Women brought suit on behalf of the girl and all others in New Jersey. Ms. Pressler’s ruling in favor of them was upheld by the New Jersey Appellate Court, and in 1974 Little League Baseball agreed to allow girls to play on its teams and to start a softball division especially for girls..."

Good ruling, Judge Pressler, and rest in peace.

[Photo: New York Times]

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