LADY AT THE BAT: Easy Cano Expected To Bat Fifth This Year

Monday, March 15, 2010

Easy Cano Expected To Bat Fifth This Year

Robinson Cano is "movin' on up." He'll bat fifth in the lineup of tomorrow's Spring Training game, a lineup which Joe Girardi says most closely resembles the lineup he'll use on Opening Day.

If Cano will indeed bat fifth this year, the pressure will be on him to do better than he did last year with runners in scoring position. Cano knows it. Girardi knows it and more. I like what he said yesterday about Cano's game:

“I think he plays the game easy. When Robbie goes after the ball, you can be going at the same speed as a guy who looks like he’s putting in 100 percent effort, Robbie is still going just as hard, but Robbie has an easiness to him. Robbie Alomar had an easiness to him when he played second base. Some guys just appear that way. The other guys look like they’re working a lot harder, but they’re not necessarily working a lot harder. I see what Robbie does day in and day out, whether it’s on the field, off the field, in the weight room. I see it every day.”[ Lo-Hud Yankees Blog]

Robinson Cano has been tagged as lazy since his first slump in the Big Leagues. I never thought it was true. Now, reading what Girardi said about him only reinforces what I believed all along:  He's not lazy. He's easy.

Maybe Robbie should consider using that old Commordores song for his at-bat music.

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