LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Watching Twins' Talks With Mauer

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yankees Watching Twins' Talks With Mauer

According to Bill Madden of the New York Daily News, the Yankees are watching the Joe Mauer contract talks "with keen interest."  Madden talked to some scouts recently and they all seemed to agree that the Yankees have what it would take to make a trade for the Minnesota catcher.

Will Joe Mauer become a Yankee at some point this coming season? I don't think so. The Twins, who have let so many of their stars get away, cannot afford the same fate for this one.  Minnesota native, new ballpark, etc.. We all know the reasons. But, what if it did happen? What if Mauer became the Yankees starting catcher? I keep thinking about one situation that could get dicey if it happens: Jorge Posada.

Jorge Posada won't give up his catcher's gear without a fight. We've seen that over the past few years when he's been injued. Will he fight if Mauer dons pinstripes? The Yankees are watching the contract talks with keen interest, but I hope they've been keen on Posada as well: sitting him down and letting him know their plans before announcing to the world that they're on the Mauer Watch. They probably have. I hope.

Update, 3/19/10: Bob Klapisch quotes Posada in this article as saying, "...I'm not going to make it easy for anyone trying to move me out."

Update, 3/22/10: The Twins got it done. Posada is probably happier than a lot of Twins fans right about now.

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J. said...

It looks like this whole mauer contract situation thing is just going to get more insane the longer it drags out. The fans are losing sleep as it is, so obviously it's not going to ease any nerves that other teams gaining some hope of signing him...