LADY AT THE BAT: Lady's Choice 2010: AL East and Wild Card

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lady's Choice 2010: AL East and Wild Card

As a Yankee fan, I feel more comfortable predicting the American League East than all the other divisions in MLB combined. After all, I see each Yankee opponent in it eighteen times throughout the regular season.

After the Yankees won the World Series last year, they set off a series of trades, trying to make their team even better. Have they succeeded? We will see as the season unfolds. I do believe they are better than the Red Sox, but not by much. It will be a dog fight between the two teams once again.  The Rays are good. They will get on the nerves of the Yankees and Red Sox (and their fans) all season and make their presence known. Not to be left out are the Baltimore Orioles. They've made improvements that will probably boost them out of the cellar this season. As for the Blue Jays, heaven help them.

The American League East:

1 Yankees
2 Rays
3 Red Sox
4 Orioles
5 Blue Jays

Wild Card: The X Factor for the Tampa Bay Rays will be BJ Upton. If he can come back after his down year in 2009 to play like everyone knows he can, he will make the Rays even better. I say he will and that will win the Rays the Wild Card.

Update: As commenter Gregg pointed out, having the Rays win the Wild Card but finishing third doesn't make sense. Silly me. I have updated the standings and text above to reflect what I predict will actually happen. Thanks, Gregg!


greggb said...

Uh... how can the Rays finish third -- and become the Wild Card? Doesn't make sense!

Bernadette Pasley said...

You're right. That's what I get for posting while still half asleep!