LADY AT THE BAT: Nine Yankee Walks In Home Opener

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nine Yankee Walks In Home Opener

After the Yankees got their rings they walked away from the 2009 season and never looked back. Literally and figuratively.

Angels pitching issued 9 walks in today's 7-5 Yankee win.  As I listened to the game I thought, Seems like old times. Those championship teams of the late '90s were famous for working the count and taking pitches. Managers of opposing teams wished aloud that their players could be more like the Yankees. Many a bullpen on an opposing team was ravaged by the Yankee offense, once its starter had thrown too many pitches too soon.

If the Yankees repeat this season, you can be sure that working the count and taking pitches will be a big reason why. Stick that in your chest protector, Joe West.

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