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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yankees By The Numbers: A New Book

Most baseball fans know that the Yankees were the first team in any sport to wear numbers on their unforms. The team also has the most retired numbers: 15.  If you like these two facts, you might also like a new book about the team.

Written by Bill Gutman, Yankees By The Numbers: A Complete Team History of the Bronx Bombers By Uniform Number, tells the story of the Yankees by uniform number, from Earle Combs (the original #1) to Charlie Keller (the only Yankee to wear #99).

The chapters of the book go in uniform number order, and each chapter is devoted to a number. The reader is given every tidbit he or she would ever want to know about it, including all the players, managers and coaches who wore it and the stats they compiled while doing so.

I like this book because it can be read through in its entirety or kept on your bookshelf as a neat reference, to be picked up again and again.  Order it at Amazon.

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