LADY AT THE BAT: I'm Moving. Will Javy Vazquez Be Doing The Same?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Moving. Will Javy Vazquez Be Doing The Same?

As I get ready to leave the ranks of New York City's homeless population, I can't help but think about the Yankees number 4 starter, Javier Vazquez.

Vazquez's ineffectiveness this season has been well-documented. No need for me to go into the details. They're too boring at this point.  What is more interesting right now is speculation about what will happen to him.  Will he stay in the rotation, or will he be moved? If he is moved, will it be to the bullpen? If not the bullpen, will it be to the DL? If not the DL, will it be to another team?

Does he even know?

I've spent the last six months not knowing where I was going to end up. Would I end up moving to another borough? Would I end up moving in with family in the Atlanta, Georgia area? Would I end up with family in the Washington, DC area? Would I end up in another shelter? Turns out I'm going to be not too far from where I used to live, in the same zip code. We can only hope, for Javier Vazquez's sake, that wherever he goes, he ends up back where he used to "live" as well, in the Yankees rotation.

Readers, wish me luck as I start this new chapter in my life, and let's all wish Javy Vazquez luck as he continues his quest to re-write the Yankees chapter in his career.


Kellia Ramares said...

Goddess, Bernie, I knew you were having personal problems but I had no idea it was that bad! Good luck to you!

Professional homelessness has struck my player, Eric Byrnes, who was just released by the Mariners. He was batting .094 as a reserve outfielder. I think it is time for him to hang 'em up.

Bernadette Pasley said...

Yeah, it's been pretty rough but, my faith in God has seen me through.

Sorry to hear about your Eric Byrnes. I think you're right; he should retire.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernadette, just passing through and saw this. Huge CONGRATULATIONS to you! Having moved within the past couple of weeks, I can certainly relate to having a new abode. Because of your particular circumstances, it will be even more of a joy to you than mine is to me. So relax and enjoy!

All the best,
Faith AKA ecl1958@LJ

Bernadette Pasley said...

Thanks, Faith. All the best to you in your new digs as well!