LADY AT THE BAT: Time To Catch Some Rays

Friday, May 21, 2010

Time To Catch Some Rays

It is a beautiful day today in New York City. The temperatures are warm but comfortable. The sun is shining brightly. Time to catch some rays!

It's also time to catch some rays of another kind. The Tampa Bay Rays just pulled off a two-game sweep of the New York Yankees. New York is now 5 games behind first-place Tampa Bay in the American League East.  Yes, it's time to catch some Rays, but there is also time to catch some Rays.

Some fans in Yankees Universe don't seem to think there is time. They look poised to press the panic button. A few think the season is over. One or two might already be thinking about football season, turning their attention to NFL betting and counting down the days until the Monday Night Football commercials start up again.

Hold your horses, Yankee fans. Keep your sportsbook on the current page. It is May 21st. The season is only about 6 weeks old. There is a full 4 months of baseball left. Anything can happen. The Yankees were swept by the Rays partly because of injuries and partly because two of their top pitchers had bad outings. Injuries will heal and top pitchers usually have good outings. Things will turn around, and when all is said and done, the Yankees will be right back in the playoffs.

So everyone stop worrying and get out there and catch some rays!

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