LADY AT THE BAT: Subway Series Or Weekend At Fenway (Manny)?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Subway Series Or Weekend At Fenway (Manny)?

Round two of the Subway Series begins tonight at the Stadium. There will be three big games this weekend, high on intensity and low on boredom. Are you excited about it? I'm not. I'm more excited about what will be going on in Boston this weekend: Manny Ramirez returns to Fenway Park.

Manny gave the Red Sox some great years but left Boston on a sour note. The big question as he returns: Will he be cheered or will he be booed. I think that's a silly question. Of course he'll be booed. Fans have short memories. They only remember the last thing(s) a player does. Take Javier Vazquez as an example. In his first tour of duty with the Yankees, Javy had a pretty decent year, but all anyone chooses to dwell on is his meltdown in the playoffs. Javy has begun to redeem himself lately with the turnaround he's making. Manny won't have that chance, since he's playing for the opposing team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. He'll be booed loudly and soundly during all three games this weekend.

I wish I could be there to witness it in person. If I were, I'd boo right along with everyone else, because he deserves it. Here's hoping Manny Ramirez has a miserable weekend at Fenway Park!

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