LADY AT THE BAT: When Does Mark Teixeira's Slow Start Become A Bad Year?

Monday, June 7, 2010

When Does Mark Teixeira's Slow Start Become A Bad Year?

Today is June 7th. Mark Teixeira is batting .211 with 8HR, 34 RBI and a .326 OBP. Everyone in the know says there is nothing to worry about. Teixeira will hit. He's done it before. He's a proven Major Leaguer.

I was inclined to believe "everyone in the know" until last Saturday's game in Toronto, in which Teixeira struck out five times. (Five times! I'm still shocked at it.) Now I'm not so sure.

He looks lost at the plate. Pitchers are getting him out easily. Yet, Joe Girardi professes complete loyalty to him. Hitting coach Kevin Long doesn't want to change anything in his swing. He'll come around, they say. When, next season?

How much longer is everyone going to "not worry" about Mark Teixeira? When does this slow start that everyone keeps calling it turn into a bad year? As it is now, he'd have to have a monster batting average for the rest of the season to end up with a respectable overall average. Does he have that in him? I don't know.

The Yankees need to do something about Mark Teixeira. Change his swing, move him down in the lineup, bench him.  Something.  And whatever they do, if they don't do it soon, it'll be too late.

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