LADY AT THE BAT: George Steinbrenner: The Ultimate Gentleman

Friday, July 16, 2010

George Steinbrenner: The Ultimate Gentleman

In these, the first few days since George Steinbrenner died, a lot of stories are being revealed which show how multi-faceted a man he was. The New York Times published one of those stories this morning. It is the story of Mary Jane Schriner.

Ms Schriner dated George Steinbrenner when they were teenagers. Actually, the word "dated" doesn't do their relationship justice. It was an old-fashioned courtship.  George was the ultimate gentleman in 1949 Ohio, sending her roses for every birthday and taking her to, among other places, the ice cream parlor for milkshakes.

Discovering this side to Steinbrenner was extremely fascinating. It is totally different from what most of us in the 21st century remember about him. I truly enjoyed reading this article. Please take a moment and read it yourself as well.

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