LADY AT THE BAT: Joe Girardi's Journey To Comfort Video

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Joe Girardi's Journey To Comfort Video

You probably are familiar already with Andy Pettitte's charming Dove Men + Care Journey To Comfort Video, featured on What you might not know is that two others from MLB also made videos: Albert Pujols and Joe Girardi.

Girardi's video has just been launched. As with Pettitte's video, Girardi's reveals the experiences from his childhood, awkward teenage years, and other life stages that led him to the time he could take others’ expectations in stride and define his own success.

I got a real kick of of Girardi's video. Among other things, it shows him at home talking about his childhood, doing cartwheels with his children and dancing (reluctantly) with his wife. A very enjoyable look into the manager's life off the field.

All of the videos in the series can be seen at the Dove Men + Care website. Enjoy.

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