LADY AT THE BAT: Royals Acquire Sean O'Sullivan

Friday, July 23, 2010

Royals Acquire Sean O'Sullivan

Last night's game against the Royals and Yankees was chock full of events ( Jeter's inside-the-park homer, A-Rod's 599th career homer, Posada's bonehead play, Joba's nervous 8th, etc.) but something that happened several hours before the game was a bit more interesting to me. The Royals made a trade. They traded 3B Alberto Callaspo to the Angels. Who did they get in return? Pitcher Sean O'Sullivan. Yes, that Sean O'Sullivan, the Sean O'Sullivan who beat the Yankees earlier this week.

O'Sullivan is expected to join the Royals rotation and, if you do the math, he should start against the Yankees on Sunday. Has this ever happened before? Has a pitcher faced a team, gotten traded and faced the same team several days later? I don't know, but it should make for some interesting trivia if O'Sullivan takes the mound at the Stadium this Sunday.

No announcement has been made yet, but you can bet the Yankees are expecting better results against O'Sullivan whenever they do face him again. Good luck, Yanks.

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Mike said...

That trade made no sense. If the Angels think Callaspo is the answer to their problems, they are grossly mistalen. Meanwhile, O'Sullivan will help KC continue to go nowhere. Could KC end up trading O'Sullivan to a team that needs a pitcher for prospects? Stay tuned.