LADY AT THE BAT: A Smoak And A Sprain Leads To No Deal For Cliff Lee

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Smoak And A Sprain Leads To No Deal For Cliff Lee

The Cliff Lee trade to the Yankees didn't go down yesterday because of the sudden availability of Rangers 1B Justin Smoak. Would the Yankees have gotten Lee if Smoak hadn't become available?  Maybe not. Why? Because of the ankle sprain of Yankee prospect David Adams.

Adams is a 2B at AA Trenton. After the trade fell through yesterday he sat down for an exclusive interview with Bronx Baseball Daily's Rob Abruzzesse. In the interview Adams talks about the ankle sprain and reveals that it happened nearly 2 months ago, yet it's still not healed. Plus, MRIs of the ankle were not available to the Mariners. The Yankees did agree to give the Mariners an extra prospect because another prospects instead of Adams, but by then Smoak had become available.

So, no deal.

To read the interview with David Adams, click here.

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