LADY AT THE BAT: Where Was A-Rod?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where Was A-Rod?

Why didn't Alex Rodriguez get into the All Star Game? Joe Girardi answered the question this way, after the NL beat the AL 3-1 last night in Anaheim:

"We were talking about pinch-running him in a situation. We also had a little issue with Beltre, and we were concerned about Beltre and we were concerned about his hamstring, so if we get the tying run on, Alex was going to pinch run and then go in.''  []

So Alex was going to pinch run for Beltre. Pinch run? I would much rather he pinch hit for someone. The guy has nearly 600 home runs. The All Star Game is such a big stage. I know he could have hit one later in extra innings, but imagine what it would have been like had Alex come off the bench and swatted a home run into the rock pile?

Pinch run. True, he's an excellent base runner, but I'd rather see him try for the home run. After all, chicks dig the long ball.

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