LADY AT THE BAT: AJ Burnett Needs To Be More Like CC Sabathia

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

AJ Burnett Needs To Be More Like CC Sabathia

Why can't AJ Burnett be more like CC Sabathia?

When CC Sabathia doesn't have it he hangs in there and keeps his team in the game. When AJ Burnett doesn't have it, we get things like the fifth inning of last night's game against the the Blue Jays. Burnett surrendered five doubles and a two-run home run, which helped turn a 2-1 Yankee lead into a 8-2 deficit.

In postgame comments on YES, Joe Girardi said that, after Burnett lost the sink on his fastball, he tried to adjust but couldn't do it. Burnett himself added that he didn't have his curve ball or his sinker. "Tough night for me," he said.

Now, I'll admit that it's probably pretty difficult to adjust when you don't have either your curve or your sinker. But I somehow believe that CC Sabathia could have done it, or, at least kept the damage to a minimum.

Go, CC. Take a lesson, AJ.

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