LADY AT THE BAT: Sheilds' Good Pitching Stops Yankees Good Hitting

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sheilds' Good Pitching Stops Yankees Good Hitting

Yesterday James Sheilds became the first pitcher in eight years to have 7+ innings pitched, 10+ strikeouts, 1 or fewer walks and no earned runs against the New York Yankees. His exact line was 7.1 inn, 11 K, 4 H, 1 BB and 0 ER.  His Rays won the game 3-0

True, the Yankees didn't have their usual lineup in place but, in my opinion, it didn't matter. Sheilds' changeup would have gotten anybody out yesterday, perhaps even Murderer's Row. Even if Alex Rodriguez and Brett Gardner had been in the lineup all day, Sheilds would still have been stellar.

As for Lance Berkman's bad plays at first base, they probably wouldn't have happened had Mark Teixeira been there instead. But defense is only half the game. Sheilds and his changeup were still lurking and Teixeira was 0-4 against him.

That old saying proved true once again yesterday: Good pitching stopped good hitting.

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