LADY AT THE BAT: ALCS Preview: Yankees vs Rangers

Friday, October 15, 2010

ALCS Preview: Yankees vs Rangers

So, I got my wish. I wanted the Rays done away with and they were. Thank you Texas Rangers.

Will this come back to haunt me? We'll see. The Rangers are definitely capable of winning this series, especially if it goes to a Game 7, which Cliff Lee would pitch. That is the only bad thing about him having to wait until Game 3 to pitch. Lee aside, I think the Yankees can hit any of the other Rangers starters, including CJ Wilson tonight.

I also believe the Yankees pitching is very capable of shutting down Rangers hitting, especially if Phil Hughes and Andy Pettitte pitch the way they did in the Division Series. The only thing I am really worried about is the Rangers running game. Jorge Posada stinks at throwing out runners! I think the Yankees will pitch out more to try to combat this.

So, my prediction? Well, I want the Yankees to put the Rangers away in 5 games. That probably won't happen. I'll say they'll win the series in 6 games. 

Go Yankees!

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