LADY AT THE BAT: ALDS Preview: Yankees vs Twins

Monday, October 4, 2010

ALDS Preview: Yankees vs Twins

Well, this time I was right. The Yankees didn't win the AL East. They are the AL Wild Card and will face the Minnesota Twins.

I didn't want the Yankees to win the East.  Cliff Lee twice in a short series? Scary. I wanted the Yankees to face the Twins and yesterday I got my wish. So, why am I so scared?

The 2010 Minnesota Twins hardly resemble the 2009 model which the Yankees swept away in the ALDS. This team is much better than it was last year. With names like Francisco Liriano and Joe Mauer, they will be sure to give the Yankees trouble starting on Wednesday night at Target Field.

In addition to Liriano, the rest of the Twins starters are nothing to sneeze at either. To put it bluntly, their pitching is just better than the Yankees, who, after CC Sabathia, have a lot of question marks. Offensively I'll give the edge to the Yankees, especially with the Twins not having Justin Morneau.  However, good pitching stops good hitting. That is why I'm so scared.

It's going to be a tough series for the Yankees.  They'll have their hands full. Can they do it? I've never picked against the Yankees and I'm not going to start now, but it's with a lot hesitation that I make my prediction: The Yankees will win the 2010 ALDS. In five games.

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