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Monday, October 11, 2010

Between Series: Some Thoughts

I predicted the Yankees-Twins ALDS to go five games with the Yankees advancing to the ALCS by the skin of their teeth.  I had the Twins giving them a lot of trouble because they are so much better this year. Only problem was that the much improved Twins team didn't show up. It was a re-write of last year, the Yankees sweeping the Twins aside once again.

Can the Yankees sweep their ALCS opponent aside in the same manner? No. Trouble was had with both the Rays and the Rangers this season. A sweep is not in the works. But can they get past either team? I'll be better able to answer that question later this week when I do my ALCS preview. Right now I'm concentrating on Game 5 between the Rays and Rangers.

The Rays have regained home field advantage and they have their ace David Price going for them again. But I like the Rangers chances with Cliff Lee. He's a veteran and he's already won Game 1. I think he can do it again. Well, I want him to do it again. The Rays just continue to drive me crazy. I want them done away with already. I don't want the Yankees to have to face them. My worst nightmare would be for the Rays to beat the Yankees in the ALCS, then go on to win the World Series.

I hope to God that does not happen. Go Rangers.

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