LADY AT THE BAT: On Posada As DH And Jeter's GG

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On Posada As DH And Jeter's GG

Well, that was easy. According to the Daily News, Jorge Posada was told by Yankees GM Brian Cashman that he'll be the DH in 2011.

I was expecting a fight or something.  But, no, it all seems to be settled, as long as Jesus Montero can make the Opening Day roster, I guess.

Montero, whose catching skills have lagged behind his hitting, is now thought of as slightly better behind the plate than Posada. I'm looking forward to seeing this kid and to seeing if he can live up to all the hype.

Speaking of hype, was it hype that won Derek Jeter the Gold Glove yesterday? As much as I love and respect Jeter, I don't think he deserved to win. Elvis Andrus of Texas was much more deserving.

The outrage over Jeter's selection was ridiculous, however. There have been worse picks for Gold Glove, namely Rafael Palmiero a few years back, who'd played only a handful of games in the field. Let's face it, Jeter's selection is being criticized so much for only one reason: He is Derek Jeter of the hated New York Yankees.

Plenty more postseason awards to come, and with them, more criticism, I'm sure!

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She-Fan said...

I think Jeter's lack of errors won him the Gold Glove. As for Jorge DH-ing, I worry about that. His numbers are not good at all when he DH-es or pinch hits. It's like he needs to catch to keep his head in the game. Drama ahead, I think.