LADY AT THE BAT: December 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Andy Pettitte And His Future

If we are to believe what we read, Andy Pettitte still has not made up his mind as to whether he'll pitch in 2011, although he is leaning toward retirement. From what I've been reading on blogs and on Twitter, most Yankee fans want him to return. I'm not so sure that is a good idea.

Pettitte is 38 years old and, even though he had a good year in 2010, he suffered a groin injury during the regular season and back stiffness during the playoffs. Who's to say this (or something worse) won't happen in 2011?

Anyway, I think Pettitte is taking too long to make up his mind. The Yankees need to give him an ultimatum. Tell him to decide by a certain date and, if he has not decided by then the Yankees should cut their losses and move on. Very simple. But, then again, that wouldn't be showing the patience Brian Cashman has been talking about.

I don't care. He needs to decide. Now. Got that, Andy?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Russell Martin Injured

According to the LoHud Yankees Blog, Russell Martin will be having knee surgery due to a slightly torn meniscus discovered during his physical this week. They expect him to be ready for Spring Training.

Martin is expected to be the Yankees everyday catcher in 2011. What does this mean for Jesus Montero, the Yankees top catching prospect?

He could be traded for pitching. Brian Cashman said the team is in "a better position to do so," now that they have Martin. 

So the Yankees signed an injured player to be their everyday catcher and Jesus Montero gets put on the trading block? I don't like them apples.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Whether Yanks Sign Him Or Not, Cliff Lee Is A No-Win Situation

In my previous post I said that if Cliff Lee wants 6 years the Yankees don't need him. Well, as everyone knows, they have offered him a 7-year deal.  Crazy.

I don't believe a pitcher over the age of 30 should be given more than a 5 year deal. Even 5 years is a lot. He'd probably be good for only three of those years. With Lee's history of back trouble, it might even be less.

As I write this, Lee has yet to make a decision. If he decides to sign, it's bad because the contract is too long. If they don't sign him, they will likely trade the farm system for pitching. Jesus Montero, the Yankees big catching prospect will never catch a game for them if that happens.  It's a no-win situation.

Whatever Lee's decision is, I'm not looking forward to it.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thoughts On The Jeter Deal

So the Jeter deal is complete. Was there any doubt that it wouldn't be? Anyone who thought he would go elsewhere needs to have his or her head examined. Derek Jeter is the face of the New York Yankees. He'll be a Yankee, in one form or another, until the day he dies.

The negotiations were tough. Will they have an effect on his relationship with the team going forward? Probably not. I say all will be forgotten. Jeter's a smart enough guy. I believe he understands the Steinbrenners are running a business.

Now, with the Winter Meetings starting, the Yankees turn their attention to Cliff Lee and, perhaps, Carl Crawford.  They don't need Crawford, and if Cliff Lee wants six years, they don't need him either. Good luck Brian Cashman. Glad you got down the building safely!