LADY AT THE BAT: Cano + Boras = Request For Contract Extension

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cano + Boras = Request For Contract Extension

Interesting post about Robinson Cano yesterday on the LoHud Yankees Blog. Cano talked about the great year he had last year and his plans for this year.

One plan he does not have, or so he says, is that of getting a contract extension from the Yankees, even though Scott Boras is now his agent. He says he signed with Boras because Boras's company can do a lot for him, both on and off the field, not because he wants more money from the Yankees.

Well, Cano may not want more money from the Yankees but you can bet that Boras does. As I understand it, once a player signs with Boras he has to give the agent total control. Total control usually means holding up teams for exorbitant amounts of money for an excess amount of years. The player may not necessarily want that, but since they have given Boras total control, they have no say in the matter. The only way out of it is to fire Boras, and that rarely happens.

So look for Scott Boras to go after a contract extension for Robinson Cano. I just hope the whole thing isn't too messy.

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Anonymous said...

The Yankees have had no problem with dealing with Scott Boras in the past. They give him exactly what he asks for. Have you seen the contracts for Soriano, or TEX??? If the Yankees had legitimate payroll concerns I see this as a big deal but since when do they have to worry about money?