LADY AT THE BAT: Curtis Granderson And Twitter

Friday, March 11, 2011

Curtis Granderson And Twitter

The thing that I am enjoying most about Spring Training this year isn't taking place on the field. (At least, I hope it isn't.) It has nothing to do with any of the Yankee prospects, Derek Jeter's swing, the fourth and fifth rotation spots or anything else that has been reported on since training camp opened nearly a month ago.  What I am enjoying most is following Curtis Granderson on Twitter.

Known as @cgrand14, Granderson tweets about the usual things a player tweets about, like how he is doing getting ready for the season and when his next public appearances will be. But he does more than that. He shows off his love and respect for the history of the game:

Mar 8- "Happy 58th birthday to Hall Of Famer Jim Rice!"

Mar 9- "Hall Of Famers Billy Southworth (1893) and Arky Vaughn (1912) were born on this date! Vaughn had a career .406 OBP."

Sometimes he will post a poll:

Feb 27- "In honor of the Oscars, what is your favorite baseball movie? I vote for either The Sandlot or Brewster's Millions!"

He posted daily tweets for Black History month, among them:

Feb 23- "...Which Negro Leagues player earned his nickname because of the sound his line drives made when they hit the wall?" [Ernest "Boojum" Wilson]

Granderson took some heat from some of his followers during Black History Month. "NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE NEGRO LEAGUE!" was the general complaint he received. He seemed to take it all in stride, taking the high road by simply re-tweeting the complaints without commenting.

At least, I assume it was him doing the re-tweeting. I am assuming Granderson is doing his own tweeting and it is not someone he hired that is doing it. In any case I enjoy his tweets immensely. They are so much better than those of some of the other athletes out there, namely CC Sabathia, although CC has improved some recently. (No more tweeting in the third person, an obvious tip-off that someone else tweets for him.)

So, if you don't follow Curtis Granderson on Twitter, I recommend it. He's definitely worth the follow.


Brittany Morgan said...

I follow just about every Yankee on Twitter, but haven't been able to find Granderson... thanks for passing the twitter name along.

I have to admit, I love Granderson. Like you said, you can really tell that he loves the game, takes pride in his craft and has the greatest respect for the game. How can you not love a player like this?

Great blogging Bern. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Hey Laaaaaaaaady!

Looks like 3rd place for your boys in 2011.

Adrian, Carl and Bobby Jenks have sealed the deal for the Red Sox and another Championship in 2011!!!!!!!