LADY AT THE BAT: Looking Back: The Rangers Series

Monday, April 18, 2011

Looking Back: The Rangers Series

I still get depressed when I think about the 2010 ALCS. The Yankees were two wins away from the World Series but just couldn't get it done. That they got it done this past weekend against the Rangers is little consolation but I'll take it.

1. Freddy Garcia gave the Yankees a much-needed 6 scoreless innings in game two. Doing this after not having pitched in 18 days was pretty good. Doing it against the Texas Rangers, an offensive powerhouse, was downright impressive.

2. Lance Pendleton made his Major League debut in game one, retiring all 6 batters he faced. Could we have another Aaron Small on our hands?

3. The home runs just keep on coming. Mark Teixeira (1), Robinson Cano (2), Russell Martin (1) and Curtis Granderson (1) all homered in this series. That's 24 in total so far for the team.

4. Eric Chavez continued to make Brian Cashman look like a genius, getting the winning hit in game 3. In fact, most of Cashman's acquisitions over the Winter (Chavez, Garcia, Martin)  are making him look pretty good right now.

1. Ivan Nova has reverted back to his 2010 form. He couldn't get out of the 5th inning in game one.

2. Speaking of the 5th inning in game 1, it was a total disaster, with walks wild pitches and hit batsmen the order of the day.  Very painful to watch.

3. Rafael Soriano had a very shaky game two, giving up two runs in the 8th, almost wiping away Freddy Garcia's great start. Soriano and Joe Girardi blamed the outing on the cold weather. Cold weather. Heard of October, Sori?

Looking Ahead
The Yankees have two off-days this week, today and Thursday. Two? What is that about? Anyway, the Toronto Blue Jays are the next oponent. The Jays always play the Yankees hard and these two games scheduled against the Yankees won't be any different. Look for two very intense days north of the border.

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Professional Sports David said...

Yeah, it's indeed sad to think of that. But that was last season girl, let's move on this year's season. I believe the Yankees will have more time to get back into shape and get it done.