LADY AT THE BAT: Looking Back: The Red Sox Series

Monday, April 11, 2011

Looking Back: The Red Sox Series

In and of itself, a first series loss of the season isn't such a bad thing.  But when it comes at the hands of the Boston Red Sox it is bad.  And when it comes against a Red Sox team that went into the series 0-6 it is downright depressing. Here is my reluctant look back:

1. Robinson Cano continued his offensive dominance at Fenway Park. Going into last night's game his Fenway batting average was .367.  On Saturday I tweeted, "Maybe they should call it Robbie Park."

2. New additions Russell Martin and Eric Chavez had their first taste of Yankees/Red Sox and they liked it, Martin homering twice and Chavez getting a couple of key hits.

3. Bartolo Colon pitched well enough to win on Friday. He looked like the dominant pitcher he was for the Cleveland Indians years ago.

1. Phil Hughes and his lack of velocity. Need I say more?

2. Ivan Nova reverted back to his 2010 form. He let the leadoff guy on in each inning he pitched and could not get out of the fifth inning.

3. Mark Teixeira's great start seems to have turned into a false start. After jumping out of the gate he is now batting only .182. He was hitless in this series and also made a costly error in the field.

Looking Ahead
Buck Showalter and his Baltimore Orioles come to town tomorrow night. Every team Showalter touches turns to gold and the Orioles are no exception. Baltimore is no pushover anymore and I expect this series to be just as intense as the Red Sox series was. More later this week.

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