LADY AT THE BAT: Looking Back: The Twins Series

Friday, April 8, 2011

Looking Back: The Twins Series

The Yankees ate some Twinkies this week. Here's how they tasted:

1. In his first start of the season Ivan Nova gave the Yankees 6 innings, something he could never manage to do last year.

2. Once again, CC Sabathia pitched well enough to win.

3. AJ Burnett continued his mastery in the Month of April.

4. Andruw Jones showed why he is a better fourth outfielder than Marcus Thames.

1. Rafael Soriano's implosion in game 2.

2. Soriano's failure to meet with the media after game 2.

3. Michael Kay's name for the bullpen trio of Joba Chamberlain, Soriano and Mariano Rivera: JoSoMo.

4. John Sterling's home run call of Jones' first Yankee home run: "Andruw Jones makes his bones!"

Looking Ahead
The Yankees head to Fenway Park this afternoon to begin a weekend series with the 0-6 Boston Red Sox. Ha! I can't type "0-6 Boston Red Sox" without grinning like a fool. I suspect, however, that I won't be grinning as much once this series gets under way. Whether they are 0-6 or not, the Red Sox are still a great team and Yankees won't have an easy time this weekend.

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