LADY AT THE BAT: Mo Falls Apart, I Stay Pain-Free

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mo Falls Apart, I Stay Pain-Free

I don't know about other Yankee fans, but when the Yankees suffer a really tough loss, like last night's, I like to pretend that the sports media doesn't exist. I don't listen to sportstalk radio, I don't watch Sportscenter, and I stay away from the back pages of the local newspapers. It's just too much of a painful reminder of the previous night or day.

Unless, of course, it was a night like last night. Last night the New York Knicks fell into an 0-2 hole after losing their second straight playoff game to the Boston Celtics. I guessed that the media's focus would be on the Knicks and not on the Yankees and Mariano Rivera's shocking blown save. I was right. It's been practically non-stop Knicks ever since the final buzzer sounded last night in Boston. The only blip on the radar was early this morning when a stupid Mets fan called into WFAN and laughed hysterically at Mariano Rivera.

Stupid? That's a little harsh. But wait, the Mets have the worst record in baseball and he has the nerve to laugh at Mo? Yeah, he's stupid.

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