LADY AT THE BAT: Opening Day: An Old Friend

Friday, April 1, 2011

Opening Day: An Old Friend

I watched ESPN's "Mike and Mike" this morning and heard Mike Greenberg liken the return of baseball to seeing an old friend that you haven't seen in a long time. He hit the nail right on the head. That is exactly how I felt yesterday watching the Yankees play the Tigers on Opening Day.

It was so nice to see all the familiar sights and sounds again, among them: CC Sabathia acting like the ace that he is, keeping his team in the game; Curtis Granderson homering for the third straight Opening Day; Mark Teixeira defying the early season odds by hitting a three-run homer (granted, not as familiar a sight and sound); the voices of Michael Kay and Ken Singleton on YES; and, of course, Mariano Rivera closing things out in the ninth inning.

I know, it was only one game. Sabathia could tank. Granderson could follow yesterday's performance the same way he did last year: with a prolonged slump. Teixeira still could have a poor April. Kay and Singleton will probably get on my nerves at some point. And Mariano Rivera will remind us that he is human after all.

Still, Opening Day is Opening Day. Full of pageantry and promise, celebration and cheers. A wonderful day for a wonderful sport.

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