LADY AT THE BAT: The Vandalizing Of Brent Lillibridge's Wikipedia Page

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Vandalizing Of Brent Lillibridge's Wikipedia Page

While I'm still licking my wounds over what Brent Lillibridge of the White Sox did last night at Yankee Stadium, I am managing a smile at what happened to his Wikipedia page. Yahoo Sports is reporting that someone changed the "Early Life" section of his page to read as follows:

Lillibridge was born in the deepest caverns of ancient mesopotamia. When he was five years old he mastered the art of natural pwning through rightfield. His dad, the famous god Marduk gave him the power of ultimate invincibility, giving him the force to withstand glass. Due to a virgin birth, his mother never loved him :'( but it didn't matter because his friends were there for him. One thousand years later, he laid dormant until the white sox discovered his frozen body in the jungles of Mexico.

Kind of funny, I guess. It definitely wasn't written by a Yankee fan. Too tame. What I find interesting is that the blurb was removed by "Wikipedia minions" just minutes after it was added. Out of all the thousands of Wikipedia pages, how did they know of this vandalism so quickly after it occurred? My guess: the minions themselves, having seen or heard about the end of the game last night, decided to have a little fun for a few minutes. They assumed no one would know but, thanks to Yahoo, more than a few people found out about it.


Uncle Mike said...

How could his body have remained frozen in a jungle?

Bernadette Pasley said...

LOL! Good call, Uncle Mike.