LADY AT THE BAT: Looking Back: The Royals Series

Friday, May 13, 2011

Looking Back: The Royals Series

Until this week, the Kansas City Royals hadn't won a series at Yankee Stadium since 1999. I remember going to work after that '99 series and being taunted by my Met fan co-workers. I had the last laugh later that year when the Yankees were winning another championship and the Mets were going on vacation.  If 2011 ends the same way 1999 did, I'll sign up for losing two of three to the Royals anytime.

The highlights boil down to three pitching performances. Freddy Garcia pitched six innings of 1-run ball in game 1. In that same game, David Robertson pitched out of a bases loaded 1-out jam. AJ Burnett pitched seven innings of 1-run ball in game 2. That concludes the highlights, ladies and gentlemen.

1. The Yankees left way too many runners in scoring position in this series, especially in game 3. They were 2-16 with RISP and left 15 men on base. They just haven't been able to find a way to get that big hit.

2. In game 2, the Royals intentionally walked a batter to get to Jorge Posada. In what had to be the lowest moment of his career, Posada struck out. Is he finished? I don't know but I feel awfully sorry for him.

3. Robinson Cano was hit in the helmet with a pitch and had to be removed from game 2. Thankfully, he is fine.

4. Ivan Nova's great outing in Texas was followed up by a dud in the series finale. It shouldn't surprise anyone. Most young pitchers just aren't consistent.

5. That final game was one of the sloppiest of the year for the Yankees. Errors by Cano and Cervelli, along with other plays that were not called errors, made this game really hard to watch.

Looking Ahead
Rivalry renewed. The Boston Red Sox come to town tonight to start a three game series with the Yankees. Big deal. I'm so sick of Yankees-Red Sox. The two teams meet too often these days for it to mean anything. That being said, I'll be glued to my TV all weekend. Go, Yankees.

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