LADY AT THE BAT: Today's NY Post Front Page: Derek Jeter

Monday, May 9, 2011

Today's NY Post Front Page: Derek Jeter

Every morning I like to go to the websites of the three major newspapers here in New York City to see what they have on their front pages. This is the front page of  today's New York Post:

Really? Come on. I love Derek Jeter just as much as the next Yankee fan, but let's face it: What he did yesterday is not front page news. There are way more important things happening in this city. I realize they're trying to sell newspapers here but how many more newspapers do they think they're going to sell? As popular as the Yankees are in this city they aren't the only "game" in town. They're only a small part of all the things going on in New York City.

Jeter may very well be back, however. Coming into this breakout game, he had been hitting the ball better, going back to the series in Detroit earlier in the week. The critics will soon be silenced, and it can't come soon enough. Congratulations to the Captain.

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