LADY AT THE BAT: Looking Back: The Angels Series (End Of The Road (Trip) Edition)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Looking Back: The Angels Series (End Of The Road (Trip) Edition)

Yay! The Yankees West Coast road trip is finally over. No more staying up all hours of the night watching games and waking up way too soon after not getting enough sleep. The trip ended today with a series win against the Angels.

An away series against the Angels usually is not that much fun to watch. But that chamber of horrors in Southern California  was anything but this past weekend. The Yankees had a chance to win all three games. They pitched well and, best of all, they hit well. They even got hits from Jorge Posada and Nick Swisher! Next thing you know they'll be having a winning West Coast trip.

Oh, wait. They did have a winning West Coast trip. The Yankees were 6-3 on this just completed trip. The three loses could have been wins, too, had they been able to score a few more runs in each game. But, hey, six out of nine on the West Coast ain't bad at all.

So the Yankees get a day off tomorrow to let their bodies re-adjust to East Coast time. I'll finally be able to go to sleep at a normal time. Oh, but the Red Sox come to town on Tuesday. With the long games the Red Sox and Yankees always play, they might as well be out on the West Coast. (Yawn) Never mind.

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